Nutritional Coaching

Sports and movement are good for the body, there’s no doubt about it. But everything depends on a good diet. I can help you with that, too. Through your personalized nutrition plan that I draw up for you, you will be able to see exactly how much food you need, the number of meals per day you should be eating, and which nutrients suit you best to achieve your desired results.


No crash diet

It won't be a crash diet, but a healthy and well-balanced diet that ensures you can continue to eat responsibly. Food that you’ll enjoy, that also fits your goals and makes you happy. This is the best way not to fall back into old eating habits. Of course we can also accommodate a vegetarian or vegan dietary plan.


How does it work?

The first week you will keep a (digital) food diary. This gives me insight into what you get per day and which choices need improvement. Based on that, I'll draw up a nutrition plan for you. This explains precisely and clearly what you can get in calories per day and what the ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and fats should be.

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