Boxing / kickboxing is a very effective way to train. In boxing, existing forces are applied to increase your muscle mass, and increase coordination between your hands, eyes and feet. Through boxing and kickboxing, you can significantly increase your physical performance. The whole body is activated, which requires muscular work and an intensification of the respiratory, nervous and circulatory systems. Good stuff!


Professional techniques

Because of my own experience with kickboxing and boxing, I provide training with professional techniques. Do you get a bit nervous around the possibility of being hit hard? Don't worry! I train you in a responsible way, where safety is paramount. This training is *with* and not against each other, so you practice on pads or a stair cushion, and there will be no contact with the head.


Men & women, young & old...

Boxing training is for both men and women, of all ages — it’s a fun and intense workout for every level.


Let’s get in the ring!

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